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Why Softhread?

The compounding impacts associated with the growth of IoT, the increasing security risks associated with cybercrime and data breaches, and the lack of organizational readiness increases operational, and reputational risk.

Address These Issues With CHIOS - Softhread's Blockchain Solution.


Key Features

CHIOS comes pre-built with features to make your life easier. Check out CHIOS's advantage over similar products below!

Guaranteed Privacy

Forget about data leaks with CHIOS - designed to protect you and your data from the inside and out.

Revolutionary Speed

CHIOS is capable of performing 20,000-30,000 transactions every second. Guaranteed.

Unparallaled Flexibility

Pick and choose what features YOU want as part of your unique blockchain solution

Awesome Support

Our team of dedicated engineers is ready to tackle any challenges you might be facing. Click or call today!

About Us

Meet our team and learn about our mission, our product and our approach to solving enterprise use cases

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About Softhread

Softhread Inc. has been formed to commercialize a break-through Blockchain technology that improves the management of IoT devices. A team of technologists at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County have improved the current state of the art of blockchain technology (“Chios”) to unlock value in IoT data management.